Stuck Float Bowl - liquid gasket - rubber mallet

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Stuck Float Bowl - liquid gasket - rubber mallet

I just wanted to post this info in case anyone else runs into this issue. I have had my old Honda about 2 years and never had to do anything but regular maintenance on it until last week when something got into the carb and blocked the float needle or something and gas was flowing freely from the overflow tube whenever I turned on the petcock. I took the carb off the bike and found that the float bowl was "super glued" (aka. Liquid Gasket - ed) on. I have a friend at the austin motorcycle co-op who used to wrench for a race team and he said DO NOT PRY IT OFF because you can mess up the way it will seat back together ( which is what I was thinking but I was getting frustrated with it and thinking other things like, maybe if I drive my car over it or set it on those train tracks over there and wait...) then he said DO GET A RUBBER MALLET AND POUND IT EVENLY ON ALL SIDES AS BEST YOU CAN AND THAT SHOULD LOOSEN IT UP. (my friend is a loud talker...all that wrenching at the race track I guess). So after about 5 minutes of careful (hard) pounding (and cussing) with a rubber mallet, it finally came apart! Now I have the cleanest and most liquid gasket free carb ever! 

Hope this helps someone else. 

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Good info.  Thanks for

Good info.  Thanks for posting up!