picked up a kawasaki W650

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picked up a kawasaki W650

 recently got a screaming deal on an 01 W650, its technically not vintage but is closer to an old Bonneville than the new Bonneville. if youre unfamiliar we only got them for two years (00/01) so theyre actually hard to find (only about 15k got imported), in europe and japan they have a pretty big cult following, but they got them til 08 and still get an 800fi version. got mine with 4400 miles on it and in two weeks have done about 7-800mi, its everything i love in an old bike but it doesnt leak, doesnt break, actually stops and has realistic suspension. its very close in stance to a new bonnie but the motor is a 675cc and has a bevel drive instead of cam chain like an old ducati. pretty stoked on the bike, i dont plan on chaging much since theyre kind of rare, just reversable things like a smaller tail light and signals, some supermoto bars and some more dual sportish tires, i love the old desert sleds. ill probably end up at some bike nights, ive been down a bike as im rebuilding the motor in my 350 right now, so its nice to have something reliable. theres some very cool customs out there, its a neat little bike people dont see often and usually people think its a triumph, if you see me out and about gimme a shout. 


heres a link to a bad photo of said bike, like i said look around for some customs, its a pretty cool platform. 


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That is a great find.  I was

That is a great find.  I was reading about that bike somewhat recently.